Two-color or monochrome

We are a company that has been producing quality and delicate sweets for more than 20 years. We are Adria Gold. If you are looking for something new to delight your clientele of all ages, our draft ice cream is the right choice. Believe that after nothing else, your customers will not be able to collect saliva like this one of our excellent laskomina.
With the rising spring, ice cream is practically a necessity in your offer. Nothing delights the taste buds of young and old as a creamy taste of our products. So please your clientele products from Adria Gold. You will see that the deposited finances will quickly and severally return to you. We offer creamy or fruity-sorbet basics and they are all richly enjoyed on both.
Unique chances
We offer a unique chance to ensure loyalty, thanks to which people will always return to your pastry shop or restaurant and the satisfaction they will always leave with. If you're still hesitated, check out our website and make sure we are the best choice. Draught ice cream is your future.

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Checking is important

Regular check of drains is really important, because it will check everything that could compromise its functionality. So if you want to have everything in order, do not hesitate to have regular, high-quality revisions of waste that are great prevention and protection. If you also use the services of great specialists, you will surely be absolutely excited to be sure.
Quality above all
To make the check really precise and flawless, you need to use modern methods that are worth it and make it all the way you need. So take advantage of the services of real professionals who can take care of everything thanks to modern technology and unique procedures. It's a great shot to the black, and absolutely for everyone.

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Paradise in the room and office

The quality and the right choice of roof windows gives you extra comfort, safety and a modern look of your interior. It doesn't matter if it will be your apartment, house or office. Everything deserves a premium quality. And we will guarantee you. Our windows perfectly not only illuminate your rooms, guaranteeing you plenty of natural daylight without which you can, but also ensures a sufficient supply of fresh air, so you will still feel like in paradise.
Safety for you is our goal
We guarantee you and absolute security. The glass, which we supply as an additional assortment, is double, which leads not only to great resistance to hail or other unpleasant natural influences, but also to protection against thieves. Avoid hazards and buy from us.

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Comfortable seat for every home

Comfort is always important and helps us to relax and forget about the usual work-related worries, but also personal life. However, it is not always the standard, and often the sofas or beds are uncomfortable and unpleasant. Avoiding the purchase of such furniture can easily be a good choice of an online store. With a quality dealer, you have a guarantee of quality and thus a comfort and exquisite appearance. Among these retailers is also a shop that offers you both favorable prices and maximum quality of materials, but also the execution.
Precise quality and advantageous price
The purchase of a sofa is always financially demanding and prices often move in the order of several tens of thousands of crowns. That is why it is important to choose well and to ensure a reasonable quality at the desired price. In our store you get the maximum quality of any furniture, at a favourable price, which will help you save a few thousand crowns. The quality seat is thus available to everyone in many different designs, colours and variations.

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Reconstruction of the housing core can be easily managed

Why not try for a better living in a paneller. The evidence that it is possible to make three plus one with a level of ALA socialism absolutely comfortable living is more than enough. It wants to have courage and clear ideas. Of course, he wants money. Overall modernization is also about major investments. These are 100% worthwhile, but when the money is not getting, then all ideas remain only at the level of dreaming. They may or may not. It is not necessary to redo everything from the grunt. If you choose the method of partial steps, it will go slower, but you will arrive at the destination too. Just prioritize and follow the plan. In the worst condition is the bathroom. It is not to hurt to put her on the starting list completely to the beginning.
Living at a higher level
The current housing estates are a place where you can live happily. Good civic amenities are one of the reasons why families with children are fond of them. But the panellers can accommodate the older generation. The houses are repaired and have become a quality and safe background. The necessary modernization has also been reflected in their appearance. The end of Gray and Borey. Now the settlements are beautifully colorful and look pleasant. If you do not have enough, you have the opportunity to contribute your little bit to the mill of satisfaction. Modernization may not stop at your doorstep. Let it go on and transform your three plus one or a studio to a fully comfortable living. The reconstruction of the residential core is the first thing that will ensure a higher standard of living. Transforming the Umakart bathroom into a high-quality sanitary facilities is a toy with an experienced company. Just a week and you don't recognize your bathroom.

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We offer cooperation

You best know what tastes your customers have. It's hard to be grateful, but our ice creams can do it. We have dozens of cream and fruit flavors for you in our offer, so you can choose your customers. Count on them.

Czech quality
Do not undercut the tempts of cheap foreign substitutes. You can buy the perfect ice cream for decent money in our country and it will be 100% Czech. You will find that no ice creams are equal to the Czech ones. Give preference to home product.

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Plastic Windows for good insulation

The noise of passing cars and unpleasant outdoor temperature. From these problems you will protect our plastic windows that are soundproof and stabilize the temperature in your homes. We guarantee high quality of both plastic windows and doors, as well as the expertise of the work with which we approach the specified tasks.

We produce premium quality plastic windows and deliver them to applicants throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. For the production of our products we use modern production technologies and we can boast the received quality certificate. We perform valuable work, but you have to rate it yourself. So don't hesitate and contact us.

The old windows rang out

Nothing lasts forever, and especially in new windows it pays to invest. Replace the old windows with new, premium quality windows and enjoy the peace and quiet of your home.

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Looking for the same collectibles enthusiasts?

Sell and buy on the website for free. On our portal there are hundreds of offered items, products and services. There are also dating advertisements. You will find everything here.

Haven't you ever advertised on the internet yet? It is very simple and above all free of charge. Unlike other Internet portals, you do not need to register here, but if you are satisfied with our services, you have the opportunity to create a customer account. Do you know how to do that? Read the simple instructions on how to publish advertisements on our free advertising pages.

Online Bazaar

You have already used things at home that are no longer useful to you, but is it a shame to throw them away? Try our online bazaar and offer items that can be useful to other people. Get all the information on our free advertising pages.

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100% Natural compound

Menopause is a natural process that occurs in women between forty and sixty years. It is a physiological plot where the female genital organs cease to perform their main function. In this age, the production of sex hormones by the ovaries slowly ceases, especially estrogen. Their decline is the main cause of all the problems associated with this “syndrome”.
The possibility of therapy to make menopause more manageable is either a substitute treatment with estrogens alone or hormone therapy in a broader sense, ie. Combinations of estrogens with Gestagens. However, there are side effects of this therapy, such as spotting, bleeding, aching veins in the lower extremities…
How to help us
As has been said, menopause is a completely physiological plot and should not therefore be taken as a disease. Say stop your problems with our 100% natural medicine-Menox 45!

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Buy a sofa with us

The style of living will tell you a lot. When arranging, it's good to think about your way of life. Comfort and style affect the way you rest, and there are sofas. Give your session a priority and view your apartment well.

The choice is almost unlimited today. The reason for this is a great variety of interiors and design requirements. Our offer will help you. Sofas for living and children's rooms, office, cottage. Use for sitting or sleeping, with storage space.


Start with space. From the sofas you should have an overview and feel comfortable. It depends what shape you choose, the space, along the wall. Choosing the style, color and material you are debugging by interior
And your relationship with the classics or modern design.

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