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A lot of people today are suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which the breathing of an individual stops and restarts every time they fall asleep. You need to get checked if you are feeling restless in your sleep, experiencing drowsiness during the day, and snoring loudly. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, then your airways are either blocked, or the apnea is just signaling an issue with the brain. The effects of the involuntary breathing pause are different in different people, with some people losing sleep in totality, others simply snorting, and others taking in deep breaths. Heart diseases and depression can be brought about by sleep apnea, which is why anybody suffering from the condition needs to seek medical assistance. If you drive or operate heavy machinery in your job, you need to seek treatment fast because the drowsiness brought about the condition can cause accidents.

A lot of people do not know that they suffer from sleep apnea. All individuals do not feel Your sleep partner is the one who is most likely to identify the symptoms. Symptoms of sleep apnea include morning headaches, waking up with a dry mouth, difficulty concentrating, heartburn, and irritability. People with large neck circumference are more susceptible to this condition. Some common causes of airway obstruction as one sleeps include faulty brain function, physical obstructions such as excessive fats, and muscular changes among others.

You can seek treatment for sleep apnea. The causes of your sleep apnea are what determine which treatment option is right for you. Your doctor may recommend certain lifestyle changes to normalize your breathing. Some of these changes include losing weight, trying sleeping on the side rather than on the back, and avoiding alcohol and smoking. Your doctor will move to recommend other treatment options if lifestyle changes do not normalize your breathing.

A mandibular repositioning device may be used to try and normalize your breathing. This is an oral appliance, used mainly by people with moderate sleep apnea. The purpose of this device is to hold your jaw in a forward position, thereby keeping your airway open, which in turn normalizes breathing during sleep. Most mandibular repositioning devices are custom made because different people have different jaw measurements.

Continuous positive airway pressure therapy, commonly referred to as CPAP, is another treatment option. It keeps the airway open by providing a stream of air through a mask. Your doctor may make several adjustments to your CPAP machine to make it more effective and easier to use. Moisture can be added to the air directed to the airways to relieve on of nasal symptoms. You can also seek surgery to treat your sleep apnea.

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