Two-color or monochrome

We are a company that has been producing quality and delicate sweets for more than 20 years. We are Adria Gold. If you are looking for something new to delight your clientele of all ages, our draft ice cream is the right choice. Believe that after nothing else, your customers will not be able to collect saliva like this one of our excellent laskomina.
With the rising spring, ice cream is practically a necessity in your offer. Nothing delights the taste buds of young and old as a creamy taste of our products. So please your clientele products from Adria Gold. You will see that the deposited finances will quickly and severally return to you. We offer creamy or fruity-sorbet basics and they are all richly enjoyed on both.
Unique chances
We offer a unique chance to ensure loyalty, thanks to which people will always return to your pastry shop or restaurant and the satisfaction they will always leave with. If you're still hesitated, check out our website and make sure we are the best choice. Draught ice cream is your future.

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