Renting only quality and branded platforms

On a solid basis, such as in a hall or any paved or solid area, the battery-operated indoor platforms are great.
The company M/S Elektro has its offer of articulated and Scroller accumulers. Of those articulated, for example, Halulotte HA 12I. The load capacity of the working basket is up to 200 kg and will reach up to 12 m in height. The maximum lateral range is set at 6.50 m. A representative of Scroller is, for example, Genie GS 2032. It reaches a height of 8.1 m and the basket carries 363 kg of weight. The power supply is solved as a battery with a built-in rechargeable charger. And what is very practical is that the travel is possible even the maximum working height.
Cordless indoor platforms are ideal helpers in enclosed spaces, in places where it is not advisable to use such diesles.

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