Reconstruction of the housing core can be easily managed

Why not try for a better living in a paneller. The evidence that it is possible to make three plus one with a level of ALA socialism absolutely comfortable living is more than enough. It wants to have courage and clear ideas. Of course, he wants money. Overall modernization is also about major investments. These are 100% worthwhile, but when the money is not getting, then all ideas remain only at the level of dreaming. They may or may not. It is not necessary to redo everything from the grunt. If you choose the method of partial steps, it will go slower, but you will arrive at the destination too. Just prioritize and follow the plan. In the worst condition is the bathroom. It is not to hurt to put her on the starting list completely to the beginning.
Living at a higher level
The current housing estates are a place where you can live happily. Good civic amenities are one of the reasons why families with children are fond of them. But the panellers can accommodate the older generation. The houses are repaired and have become a quality and safe background. The necessary modernization has also been reflected in their appearance. The end of Gray and Borey. Now the settlements are beautifully colorful and look pleasant. If you do not have enough, you have the opportunity to contribute your little bit to the mill of satisfaction. Modernization may not stop at your doorstep. Let it go on and transform your three plus one or a studio to a fully comfortable living. The reconstruction of the residential core is the first thing that will ensure a higher standard of living. Transforming the Umakart bathroom into a high-quality sanitary facilities is a toy with an experienced company. Just a week and you don't recognize your bathroom.

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